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Funding for this software has been provided in part by the
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR Group)
and the
Protein Engineering Networks of Centres of Excellence (PENCE).

vadar - Structural Analysis of Protein Coordinates

Previous version 1.3 - Released in Nov 1999

Current version 1.4 - Released Dec 2002

Latest Release News

Feb 14/03 - If you get the following error:

 *** Fatal Error Detected!
 *** Module.: VADAR_V1.4 12:02
 *** Message: Usage: vadar -f pdbFname [-o outFname]
you need to change your vadar.parms file (or the one that got installed in lib) so that interactive mode is turned on. Or you can download and re-install vadar 1.4 which now has interactive mode set on as the default.

Jan 16/03 - Fixed problem with my installation script for sgi machines. All fortran executables for supported platforms now compiled with g77.

Dec 17/02 - Minor bug fixes in volume.F and quality.c in order to compile for linux. Also standardized the installation script to be like our other software and updated web pages.

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