*canvas_geometry: +10+10
! xcrvfit defaults

! control the initial window position
! offset from the top left corner of the screen.
!*app_geometry: +10+10

! initial plot window size in pixels
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.width: 500
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.height: 500
! default font for the gui
!*xcrvfit*Font: 9x15bold

! background colors for gui
! change all of these to the same color
! for a nicer appearance (and the Radiobutton.activeBackground too)
!*xcrvfit*Background: Blue
!*xcrvfit*highlightBackground: Blue
!*xcrvfit*highlightColor: Blue
! text entry widgets
!*xcrvfit*Entry.Background: SteelBlue4
!*xcrvfit*Entry.Foreground: white smoke
! labels (eg, titles) on gui
!*xcrvfit*Label.Foreground: white smoke
!*xcrvfit*fit.note*Foreground: white smoke

! for all button widgets
!*xcrvfit*Button.Foreground: white smoke
!*xcrvfit*Button.Background: MidnightBlue
!*xcrvfit*Button.activeForeground: Black
!*xcrvfit*Button.activeBackground: red
!*xcrvfit*Button.disabledForeground: grey
! menu buttons and menu items 
!*xcrvfit*Menubutton.Foreground: yellow
!*xcrvfit*Menubutton.activeBackground: red
!*xcrvfit*menu.Foreground: black
!*xcrvfit*menu.Background: yellow
!*xcrvfit*menu.activeBackground: red

! radio buttons (eg, yes/no selection)
!*xcrvfit*Radiobutton.Foreground: white smoke
!*xcrvfit*Radiobutton.activeForeground: white smoke
!*xcrvfit*Radiobutton.activeBackground: Blue
!*xcrvfit*Radiobutton.selectColor: red

! list boxes (eg, font selection window)
!*xcrvfit*Listbox.Foreground: white smoke
!*xcrvfit*Listbox.selectForeground: black
!*xcrvfit*Listbox.selectBackground: red

! Text windows (eg, display results window)
!*xcrvfit*Text.Foreground: white smoke
!*xcrvfit*Text.Background: midnightblue

! Scrollbars (eg, scrollbar of help windows)
!*xcrvfit*Scrollbar.Foreground: white smoke
!*xcrvfit*Scrollbar.Background: midnightblue

! this is the section for defining
! variables within the program

! max number of iterations to achieve convergence of parameters
!*max_iterations: 500

! number of points to calculate in the fitting function
!*fit_points: 100

! the next section deals with changing
! attibutes of the plot window. Most
! of these can be changed from the
! "Set Graphics" button in xcrvfit.

! default font should be postscript font
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.Font: -adobe-times-medium-r-normal--18-180-75-75-p-94-iso8859-1

! default text for title, xscale, yscale
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.title_text: xcrvfit Plot
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.x_scale_label: X axis
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.y_scale_label: Y axis

! offset of label from axis line 
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.y_scale_lab_offset: 25
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.x_scale_lab_offset: 25

! numeric format of xscale/yscale numbers
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.y_scale_format: 4.2f
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.x_scale_format: 4.2f

! offset from axis line to scale number 
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.y_scale_border: 10
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.x_scale_border: 10

! number of tics for xscale/yscale
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.y_scale_tics: 8
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.x_scale_tics: 7

! margins for placing the graph within plot window
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.graph_left: 50
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.graph_right: 30
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.graph_top: 50
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.graph_bot: 50

! color of background, title, data points, axis labels, axis, fit function
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.bg_color: ivory
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.data_color: black
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.title_color: black
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.x_scale_color: black
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.y_scale_color: black
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.axis_color: blue
!*xcrvfit*Canvas.fit_color: red

! User customization Section for plot window. 
! These are set by the user within xcrvfit.
! Feel free to delete any entries from this
! point on to get the original defaults.