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Welcome to our lab in the Department of Biochemistry University of Alberta.
We study of the structure, dynamics and function of proteins, especially those that make up the thin filament of cardiac muscle and regulate contraction.
Structural biology, using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, is the primary tool in our research.
One recent focus has been the discovery and development of calcium sensitizers as potential drugs.
The overlay of NMR solution structures and cryoEM structures reveal the mechanism of action of the drug W7.

ACS Chemical Biology (2022)

ACS Chemical Biology 9 2121 (2014)


Titration of drug into cardiac TnC-TnI chimera monitored using 1H,15- NMR correlation spectroscopy; JMCC 2016.

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Mass spect data showing thioimidate formation in Troponin; Biochemistry, 2018.

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