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Protein Engineering Networks of Centres of Excellence (PENCE).

stc - Structural Thermodynamics Calculations

Current version 6.0.4 - Released Feb 13, 2012

Previous version 6.0.2 - Released Sep 02, 2011

Previous version 5.3.1 - Released Jun 15, 2006

Latest Release News

Feb 13/12 - See latest release notes for v6.0.4.

Sep 02/11 - See release notes, correct some minor errors. Manual needs an update.

Aug 26/11 - Still not totally happy with the release but it is a good start. No linux 32 bit version yet. I can see 6.0.2 some time next week.

After downloading, try the examples first! The stc.command script runs each example and you can start it from a terminal window or just double click. The README.txt file gives some info on each example.

Jul 27/11 - I am developing a new version to support mac os x lion. Also modernizing the code to the way i develop apps nowadays.

Jun 15/06 - Made another change to 'fix_pdb' so that parsing of TER statements in pdb files is more reliable. This led to bug release 5.3.1.

May 1/06 - Made a change to 'fix_pdb' so that input pdb files with adjacent TER/END lines are handled correctly. It is a small change, and will be encorporated into the next stc release.

Mar 30/06 - stc v5.3.0. I had a number of internal versions which is how we got to 5.3. See release notes for the changes implemented. This is a hard project to manage because there are so many ways people can use stc. Testing is a real chore, let me know about anything i have missed.

Dec 20/04 - The macOSX version had dynamic fortran libraries instead of static. I have corrected this and now you should be able to run stc on a mac without having to install fortran.

Dec 22/03 - Version 5.0 Beta released. Please read the documentation, please read the release notes! There are lots of nice improvements but I anticipate mistakes. Please send me your comments and bug lists.

Dec 19/03 - My mistake, i thought i had Pierre to myself to discuss stc, but he had a busy schedule and we only got a couple hours. Not enough time to pour over the various test results. My plan is to go ahead and release a beta and cross my fingers. Since all i have left is 5 or 6 screen snapshots for the website, Dec 22 should be the release date. Merry Christmas!

Dec 9/03 - My apologies for the delay in this release. With the release of the tcl source code, I have been spending extra time to ensure the code is readable and respectable for those inclined to fiddle with it. The port to macOSX aqua has also caused me to add extra point/click features for file handling. I think the calculations are correct now, but I'll let Pierre verify this when he visits us next week. We are pretty close.

Nov 28/03 - Although I have finished the changes, testing is taking a long time. I have to methodically check all my examples, and then explain any discrepancies between the old and new stc. Then there is documentation to update. I am looking at a release date of Dec 5.

Nov 19/03 - Just a heads up that the new stc v5.0 will be ready soon. The most important change is a restructuring of the amino.def file to account for unusual amino acids, nucleic acids, hemes, and water. We are adding a bunch of amino acid definitions, and the format should be easy enough for users to add their own entries. The gui will be open source and we will also support Mac OSX. Lots of other smaller fixes too. I will provide release notes summarizing all the changes.

Apr 11/03 - One of our users kindly donated his script for running stc in batch mode. You are welcome to look at his work here .

Feb 27/03 - How do you run stc in batch mode? I've got this question alot lately so I'm going to post what i hope is a reasonable solution. Please click here to download my version of an stc batch script. Please let me know if it works ok so i can include it in the next minor version of stc. Some of you can probably do better, i would be more than willing to post your script here as well.

Jan 16/03 - Fixed problem with my installation script for sgi machines which caused some of the executables for stc to be missing. All fortran executables for supported platforms now compiled with g77.

Dec 30/02 - Removed expiry date from this version, updated web pages. Installation script was updated and program now searches for stcDefaults within the current directory instead of $HOME.

May 02 - This version fixes a bug in version 4.2 where the accessible surface area non-polar can be calculated incorrectly in some circumstances. I have also check ed that the results in the examples co-incide with this version of the software.

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