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xcrvfit - curve fitting tool

Current version 5.0.3 - Released Jun 2012

Previous version 4.0.12 - Released Jan 2008

Previous version 3.0.6 - Released Nov 30 2006

Latest Release News

Jul 31/12 - v5.0.3 is supported on 32/64 bit linux and mac ppc and intel. Jun 8/12 - This major update has most things working, the mac version seems to work better. I need to rectify the tcl img issue for linux.

Mar 30/12 - I am working on a major update for this software to be ready by end of April 2012. It will have new functions, contain all dependencies, and work on the newer OS's.

Feb 08/08 - I think I am going to drop support for solaris for xcrvfit. We barely have any solaris machines left in the lab.

Jan 15/08 - Release v4.0.12. Added and fixed alot of little things. This should be the best release in this series (fewest bugs and most updated documentation).

Oct 9/07 - Added reference in documentation for XY2 function.

Aug 23/07 - Fixed up save plot and some documentation changes

Aug 20/07 - Fixed the tiff images, fixed linux install script, fixed plot settings... This is the best version of the 4.x.x series so far. Saving plots causing a problem right now without active tcl, i should be able to address this issue tomorrow.

Aug 17/07 - Release xcrvfit v4.0.8. Lots of cool stuff, see the documentation. Iwould still say this is a preliminary release. I mean, I haven't even tried the linux version yet (placing great faith in my installation tools). The program works well enough for me make the manual so may as well get on with it and face the critics. And yeah, based on fixed releases (up to 8) it is hard to get this software working just right. I really don't know if people like this multiple dataset analysis stuff or not...

Nov 30/06 - Release xcrvfit v3.0.6. Contains new R2Dimer/R2Monomer fitting function as suggested by Brian/Olivier.

Apr 7/06 - Oops, made one tiny error in sinusoidal 2 function. It is fixed as of 2pm today. Release 3.0.5 should be ok now.

Apr 7/06 - Release xcrvfit v3.0.5. Contains alternative sinusoidal function. Also devise better way to write output and temp files for Mac/PC versions.

Apr 4/06 - Release xcrvfit v3.0.4. Contains single crystal fitting function

Mar 29/06 - Release xcrvfit v3.0.3. Fixes installation error.

Mar 27/06 - Release xcrvfit v3.0.2. This version has new sum of exponentials function for T1 measurements.

Oct 4/05 - Release xcrvfit v3.0.1. Clearer documentation to startup linux version, download files no longer compressed.

Aug 22/05 - A few problems regarding the startup of the mac-osx version should be corrected. Try now if you had problems before.

Jul 28/05 - Release xcrvfit v3.0

  1. works on mac osx aqua, just double click to start up.
  2. BROWSE button makes it easier to enter input files.
  3. Software automatically determines file format.
  4. Includes Olga's R2Dimer function.
  5. More options for formatting plots.
  6. Development environment for this software now on mac osx.
  7. Tcl code is open source, updated documention.
I didn't get finish with the testing, so may need to put out a bug fix or two. The tcl code is somewhat disorganized, one day I will clean it up.

Jul 20/05 - Click Add beta version of xcrvfit with the new T2Dimer function. It is also to test the development of xcrvfit on macosx.

Jan 15/04 - Pascal Mercier ported xcrvfit to macOSX aqua. You must then move the folder to /Applications before clicking on the xcrvfit icon. Pascal implemented xcrvfit with a File menu to navigate through data files. I also found that I didn't like the default font selection which I changed via the Options menu. I haven't officially started to support this version yet, but your email would certainly encourage me to do so. You will also need mac tcl/tk to run xcrvfit and that is available at:

Feb 26/03 - Fixed bug with writing out the xcrvfit defaults file. The bug happened when you changed any settings with the "setup graphics" button.

Dec 30/02 - Removed expiry date from this latest version, updated web pages. The manual has been re-formatted into a nice standardized document.

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